“Valentine’s Day Wishes”

What Are You Wishing For?

Tomorrow is a day dedicated to relationships and often gives us cause to reflect (whether we want to or not). Tomorrow will be a day many of us reflect on past relationships, evaluate current relationships, and ponder the viability of future relationships. Tomorrow is a day bound up with wishes.

“I Wish”

We can’t help but wish for a thing or two on a day like Valentine’s Day (we may not want to admit it, but we do). We may wish that a past relationship went in a different direction or maybe could be erased from history. Maybe we wish a current relationship could be something different (Valentine’s Day is an awful day to be “just friends” with somebody). We may wish we could shake that old Magic 8 Ball and foresee what our current relationship status will be with that supposed special someone.

Valentine’s may be a day of chocolates, roses, and fancy dinners but it is also a day of wishes. Wishes are not bad things, but like most things they can be dangerous. Work toward fulfilling your wishes, but don’t let those wishes become your master.


“Hip Flasks and Other Accessories”

A Drinking Man’s EDC

For the serious drinkers (those with a historical bent to their bending elbows) today is a day of infamy. Today is the anniversary of the start of Prohibition. Some consider it the starting pistol for our nation sprinting head first and hell bent into the Roaring ’20s. In honor of speak easies, bootleg whiskey, hip flasks, flappers, and Outlaws who defied Prohibition I thought I would share my Drinking Man’s EDC (that’s ‘Every Day Carry’ for those of you not in the tactical know).

“A Drinking Man’s EDC”

As I’ve said before, if you are going to do any serious drinking then you should be serious about your drinking. My EDC isn’t anything extraordinary, but it currently addresses my drinking lifestyle. What’s in your Drinking Man’s (or Womans’s, or Whoever, as long as your are old enought to legally imbibe) EDC?


Strategy, competition, and sportsmanship: neccessary life skills.

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