In the story of your life you aren’t always a hero.


Night Drive v. Midnight Drive

Perspective and purpose can change the meaning of a stretch of road. Thre are late night drives for some viddles, for a hook-up with that special somebody, or for the feel of the breeze and fresh air. These drives make a stretch of road a moment in time.

“No Traffic at Night”

That same stretch of road while driving to a midnight shift feels different. It’s no longer a moment in time but an in between time, a place holder. The old saying is that it’s the journey not he destination, but the destination has a way of skewing the view of the journey.


“Wear Too Many Hats”

To those who live in the digital world
Think fewer not more.  Too many are 
Too quick to jump on.  To dispirit this and
Cast down that.  To venerate them and 
Revere those.  Led to think you are free.
Only to sanctify the histrionics of the impotent.


from Firsts and Lasts

No need to have men in uniforms when you can create uniform fear.


Reels, Records, & Reads

The Point of “Pointless Drinking”

So what is LaVere’s eternal barfly, that drinker at the end of the bar dispensing a bit of 80 proof wisdom, telling us? Is “Pointless Drinking” meant to be some sort of cautionary tale, a plea to abstain? The song is not so much a soap box lecture as it is a reflection about poor choices. Those of us who imbibe know alcohol and poor choices (like cheap and Walmart) tend to go together.

Any sort of serious drinking requires some serious thought about why you’re drinking. Amy LaVere’s “Pointless Drinking” shows us that drinking without a point is to end up in a world of hurt when you get to the bottom of the bottle.


Coffee as Decompression

During the height of Covid I worked an “essential” job that didn’t allow me to work from home. I’m kind of glad I couldn’t. I like keeping work separate from home, and I’ve often used coffee shops as a decompression chamber of sorts.

“Coffee for One #2”

Many coffee shops market themselves as a third place. They might be better off selling themselves as an in between place. A place we can go to shake off work, to decompress before heading home.


Drinking is something to do when there is nothing else to do.



Feeling mislead about leaving.
My own knowing won't make
Wrong aching goodbyes care.
Crying time before back to Monday.


from Four Line Blues Poems

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