Drinking is something to do when there is nothing else to do.



Feeling mislead about leaving.
My own knowing won't make
Wrong aching goodbyes care.
Crying time before back to Monday.


from Four Line Blues Poems

The Comfort of Background Chatter

I rarely feel lonely, but somtimes I do feel a little too alone. On those occasions I wander off to a cafe to resolve that peculiar senastion. The chatter of others can be quite comforting.

“Couple Chatting”

A cafe visit is a simple remedy to feeling alone. I need to be around people, to hear people just long enough to rememeber why I don’t spend too much time around them. Sometimes solitude needs a reminder why.


Reels, Records, & Reads

The Machine Stops

I found myself down an Insta rabbit hole the other day looking at a bunch of dystopian themed memes and it got me thinking about a couple things. First, a lot of people stretch the definition of dystopia. Second, a whole bunch of authors had a weird nack of prognostication.

The Machine Stops, published in 1909, presents a dystpopian world that mirrors many aspects of our current world. E.M. Forster’s novella imagines a future when humankind has not just become reliant on but also worships The Machine (technology), a fitting foresight into a not so fictional future. The Machine Stops is shy of sixty-five pages and can be read in one comfortable coffee shop afternoon. It’s a worthy read for anybody interested in sci-fi and/or dystopian works.


Always at the fringe of a party more afraid of being invited in than being left out.


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