“The Waffle House”

Home is Smothered and Covered

Sometimes home is a good meal, and that meal is breakfast. Waffle House not only cooks up a solid breakfast, but it is also open twenty four hours a day to serve it.

The damn near never closed doors (look up the “Waffle House Index” on Grandpa Google to see what I mean) welcome casual diners, tourists, end of shifters, slightly inebriated, and anybody else looking for a good meal and a little bit of home. The coffee may not be a fancy blend and the breakfasts aren’t classy but that is why Waffle House feels like home, no pretense. Likewise, the people of Waffle House, staff and diners, are not there to pose, posture, or post on the Twit, Book, or Insta (granted there are a few who do, but like most families there are always a few weird ones you have to deal with when they visit your house).

“Casa de Waffle”

Waffle House has many features that are attributed to home (at least the idea of it). It has good food, good people, and there is always a pot of coffee at the ready. It is a place to go to get away from the worries of the outside world. It’s not just a House, it’s a home.


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