Photography Notes and Practice

“Taking Photos…”

My Guidelines

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Pictures

  • study the craft of photography
  • braistorm,research, and visualize
  • know your gear (RTFM)

Simplify Your Kit

  • carry what you need
  • use what you carry

Know What’s In the Frame

  • focal length
  • shutter speed
  • aperture
  • ISO
  • white balance
  • depth of field

Develop Your Style

  • study the art of photography
  • the photograph is more than a ‘witness’-it should create feeling
  • the photograph is subjective but should not manipulate
  • the ‘reality’ of the photograph should stand alone
  • the photograph should make the viewer conscious of how he/shee sees (or does not see) the world)

Make Photography Part of Your Daily Life

  • publish/present your photographs
  • try to see the world in terms of a viewfinder

**(thse guideleines are what I aspire to)**