“Valentine’s Day Wishes”

What Are You Wishing For?

Tomorrow is a day dedicated to relationships and often gives us cause to reflect (whether we want to or not). Tomorrow will be a day many of us reflect on past relationships, evaluate current relationships, and ponder the viability of future relationships. Tomorrow is a day bound up with wishes.

“I Wish”

We can’t help but wish for a thing or two on a day like Valentine’s Day (we may not want to admit it, but we do). We may wish that a past relationship went in a different direction or maybe could be erased from history. Maybe we wish a current relationship could be something different (Valentine’s Day is an awful day to be “just friends” with somebody). We may wish we could shake that old Magic 8 Ball and foresee what our current relationship status will be with that supposed special someone.

Valentine’s may be a day of chocolates, roses, and fancy dinners but it is also a day of wishes. Wishes are not bad things, but like most things they can be dangerous. Work toward fulfilling your wishes, but don’t let those wishes become your master.


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