The Comfort of Background Chatter

I rarely feel lonely, but somtimes I do feel a little too alone. On those occasions I wander off to a cafe to resolve that peculiar senastion. The chatter of others can be quite comforting.

“Couple Chatting”

A cafe visit is a simple remedy to feeling alone. I need to be around people, to hear people just long enough to rememeber why I don’t spend too much time around them. Sometimes solitude needs a reminder why.


Always at the fringe of a party more afraid of being invited in than being left out.


Walking Alone v. Being Lonely

Life can be difficult, and sometimes we need a moment or few to ourselves. Sometimes a bit of peace and quiet away from the general difficulties of life can be a respite, a relief, and a requirement if we want to establish some balance and order during these not so normal times.

“Man in Parking Lot”

A walk alone can make the daily difficulties a little less so. A walk alone can offer perspective and possible solutions. A walk alone is a decision made with some deliberation. Choosing to walk alone is not the same as being lonely (loneliness chooses us).


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