The Big Box will have you believe what you want is what you need.

Firsts and Lasts


Was the attitude a byproduct of the title?
'Manager' does not make you important.
Your subscription to Twice does 
Not make you cognoscente.

Your febricity will not infect 
Those survivng on paltry hours.
With staid countenance we watch your
Extravagant attempts to motivate 'the team.'

We can smell the antiseptic script you read from.


My retail job titles evolved from “Clerk” to” Associate” to “Team Member” to “Partner” to “Family”…but never the raises to match the titles.


The job wasn’t something I loved, it was just something I could do.


Whistle While You Work

or Maybe Create a Playlist

The older I get the more things I seem to notice or maybe the more things just come into focus. One of the things I’ve noticed lately (or it has come into focus) is the importance music plays at work. What I mean is being able to listen to the music of my choice while working. I never gave it much thought so I took for granted how important it is.

I’ve worked a variety of jobs over the years. I considered pay, benefits, conditions, and a variety of other factors when searching and selecting work, but I never considered whether or not I could play music while I worked. As I look back at my long list of jobs the ones I liked the most allowed me to play music of my choice. From my first full time job in retail electronics where I brought in my Case Logic binder of Columbia House CDs (if you are of a certain age you know what I’m talking about), to the 5:00 am inventory/pricing job and my IPod Nano packed with all those one penny CDs, or my current job where I can play seven hours of Pandora playlists a day for my clients I’ve come to realize music makes the work day a little more enjoyable.

All those jobs that didn’t allow music made the days a little slower, a little greyer, a little less enjoyable. I’m not saying I’d take twenty-five percent pay cut or give up all my benefits just to be able to listen to music, but I do believe if you have to do a thing for eight hours a day then try to find something that makes those eight hours a little more enjoyable. Whether or not I can listen to music while I work is something that I’ve decided to add to the list of considerations when I make the move to my next job. What about you? Any special considerations?


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