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Lockport Coffin Race 2019

Boxcar Coffins, Bloody Marys, and Good Times

Brimming with Halloween spirit I attended Lockport’s Second Annual Coffin Race a couple weeks back. With my Nikon in one hand and a Bloody Mary in the other (which may account for the quality of some of these pictures) I posted myself on the corner of Hamilton and 10th and took a few snapshots and quite a few sips (there was more than one Bloody Mary involved). What follows is a bit of what happened.

Little did I know we were about to be pelted with an assortment of Halloween candies thrown by the racers.

Coffin Race Parade (D5300-editj22.66)

‘Rum Runners’ chasing the ‘Lockport Police.’

Rum Runners Chasing Police (D5300-editj22.68)

Starting to wonder if I had one Bloody Mary too many?

The Eye (D5300-editj22.66)

When these racers veered off course I wondered if they were sipping Bloody Marys too?

Off Course (D5300-editj22.66)

Never thought I’d see a bunch of Killer Bees pushing a coffin to victory.

Bees Gone (D5300-editj22.68)

The Lockport Coffin Race was a fun time. There were some great teams with some wildly decorated boxcar coffins.