Night Drive v. Midnight Drive

Perspective and purpose can change the meaning of a stretch of road. Thre are late night drives for some viddles, for a hook-up with that special somebody, or for the feel of the breeze and fresh air. These drives make a stretch of road a moment in time.

“No Traffic at Night”

That same stretch of road while driving to a midnight shift feels different. It’s no longer a moment in time but an in between time, a place holder. The old saying is that it’s the journey not he destination, but the destination has a way of skewing the view of the journey.


Coffee as Decompression

During the height of Covid I worked an “essential” job that didn’t allow me to work from home. I’m kind of glad I couldn’t. I like keeping work separate from home, and I’ve often used coffee shops as a decompression chamber of sorts.

“Coffee for One #2”

Many coffee shops market themselves as a third place. They might be better off selling themselves as an in between place. A place we can go to shake off work, to decompress before heading home.


The Comfort of Background Chatter

I rarely feel lonely, but somtimes I do feel a little too alone. On those occasions I wander off to a cafe to resolve that peculiar senastion. The chatter of others can be quite comforting.

“Couple Chatting”

A cafe visit is a simple remedy to feeling alone. I need to be around people, to hear people just long enough to rememeber why I don’t spend too much time around them. Sometimes solitude needs a reminder why.


Time is a Rate

We spend our time at various jobs to make money in order to spend our time somewhere else. We spend time doing one thing so that we can spend time doing something else.

“Weekly Rate”

Individuals and institutions scheme and scramble for our time. They plot and present a wide variety of distractions designed to develop a desire for the novel and a need to conform.


Shots in the Dark

“Clock Face”

Time moves slower at night, which means more time to set up shots. I don’t feel so much like a tourist or a lookie loo if I linger at night (of course I have found myself being accosted by the local police on an occasion or few). But the night provides a quiet and a stillness that I’ve never found during the day. Shots taken during the day may freeze time, but shots taken at night preserve time. Daytime photographs capture a moment, but nighttime photographs embrace that moment.

“Night Walk”

If you are the type of person who carries a camera everywhere you go, then the next time you find yourself out after dark take a few moments to look around. Enjoy the time to observe, reflect, and take a few shots.


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