Topic of Conversation: Thrills and Chills II

October is here and with it the return of thrills and chills.  The topic of conversation will focus on grave thoughts.

Below is the complete list of previous topics.  

September Topic: Bad Medicine

Can medicine be bad, or is it choice and circumstance that makes medicine bad? Let’s take a closer look at what is bad medicine.

August Topic: Hiatus

Need to take some time off.  Hope to be back soon. Be well and stay safe.

July Topic: Vanishing

Things vanish, people vanish, and even ideas vanish.  They are here today and gone tomorrow.  Are they gone by chance, by choice, or by design?  July is dedicated to those things that vanish.

June Topic: Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and cigarettes are vices to some, guilty pleasures to others, and a fuel necessary to make it through the day for most us who drink coffee or smoke cigarettes.  June is dedicated to the love, hate, and sometimes required relationship we have with coffee and cigarettes  

May Topic: Doorways

Doors and doorways are part of life.  Some doors are physical and others are metaphor.  Some doors open to opportunity and choice.  Others doors remained closed and locked.  May is dedicated to all those doors we find ourselves passing through or being turned away from.

April Topic: Gambling

People gamble on everything from lotteries to love.  We evaluate the odds, make bets, and take chances on ponies, cards, and life.  Whether you’re chasing lucky numbers or your dreams life is a gamble.  April is dedicated gambling.

March Topic: Time

The old cliche is that time is like money. You can spend it and donate it. You sure as hell can waste it and ask for more of it. Its damn hard to earn and there never seems to be enough of it. For what it is worth, March is dedicated to time.

February Topics: Relationships

February is teddy bears, roses, chocolates, and jewelry of assorted price ranges.  You have to feel sorry for the other holidays in February.  They are all in the shadow of a giant pink heart.  I’m joining the crowd and dedicating February to relationships, the good, bad, and anti-relationships.

January Topic: Another Round

Started 2020 much the same way I started 2019, with a bottle (or few) of Miller High Life. Let’s have another round and see where this year takes us.

Topics from 2019

December Topic: Hiatus

Taking some time refresh and regroup. I’ll be back in 2020.

November Topic: Snow

The Midwest is always a crapshoot when it comes to weather.    We had a snowstorm on Halloween this year, and I woke up this morning to a landscape covered with a light layer of snow.  It felt like we skipped Thanksgiving and jumped right to Christmas.  I’ve decided to dedicate this November to snow.

October Topic: Thrills and Chills

October is Halloween.  Halloween brings ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves, and all sorts of spooky things that go bump in the night.  October is dedicated to thrills and chills.

September: Reenactors/Living History

September is the ending of summer and the beginning of the school year.  I was fortunate enough to have a couple of teachers who made history interesting and accessible.  By studying history we not only learn about the past but we learn about ourselves too.  September is dedicated to those individuals who not only bring history to life but also refuse to let it die.  September is for reenactors and those dedicated to living history.

August: Comic Books

Comic books have always been in my life in one way or another. I remember my Moms telling a teacher that I read at a young age because I wanted to know the stories in the comics she and my Pops bought me. I credit my love of books and art to those early years spent with comic books. Wizard World is coming to Chicago this month. So August is dedicated to comic books and all things comic book related.

July: Baseball

July is the heart of summer.  July is BBQ, fireworks, cold beer, and baseball.  Baseball is a game, a science, a philosophy, and a metaphor.  July is dedicated to all things that baseball is and all the things it can be.

June: Patriotism

June finds itself between Memorial Day in May and the Fourth of July.  It’s between the somber sacrifice of one and the celebration of the other that I find myself thinking about patriotism.  What does it mean and who gets to define it?  Do we, the people, get to define patriotism, or do the talking heads and politicians get to tell us what it means?  June is dedicated to the idea of patriotism and what it means.

May: Rain

No May flowers tis month.  I’m a fan of the rain, always have been.  Rain is and can be many things, and storms provide an opportunity to define ourselves.  May is dedicated to rain and all that comes with it.

April: Nocturne

Night is more than he absence of day.  Night is a world in and of itself.  Many tourists, few natives.  April is dedicated to all things nocturnal, the world of the night and its inhabitants

March: Being Watched

Whether it’s governments, businesses, or individuals it seems everybody is watching and/or being watched.  March is dedicated to the watchers, the watching, and being watched.

February: Lonely Places

No hugs.  No hearts.  No kisses.  No Valentines here.  February is a month of lonely places.  Some of those lonely places are physical and some we carry in our hearts.

January: On Drinking

I’m starting 2019 with a  new look and a new direction.  Photography is still the center of this blog, but I’ve decided to go in some new directions too.  I’m not certain where these new directions will take me, but I’ve always enjoyed the trip as much as the destination.  I ended 2018 with the Champagne of Beers and a few rolls Ilford Plus 125 so it’s fitting that I start 2019 with the topic of drinking.

Here’s to an interesting and productive 2019.

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