Some Thoughts on Warning Signs

or What We See and What We Ignore

There is the before, the antecedent, the harbinger, and the posted point of no return. There are warning signs all around. Some are physical, some are mental, some are subtle, and others are so obvious you can’t miss them. Warning signs can come to us in the form of our own ‘spidey sense,’ as advice from friends, or from strangers who feel they know what’s best for us. Warning signs, we see them, hear them, and sometimes even feel them.

“No Smoking”

Warning signs abound. We can’t seem to go a day without seeing some sort of warning label. We can’t go a night without hearing a news station broadcasting some kind of dire warning. Maybe that’s why we don’t mind them, overlook them, or down right disregard them. Is it a defense mechanism, some sort of denial, a or maybe we are just desensitized to the vast number of warnings that bombard us on a daily basis. What is it about warning signs?


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