Solitary Confinement to Cabin Fever

It’s a Short Trip

Here it is the last day of November and the Midwest has tickled us with temperatures that are just around freezing. Of course it may be sixty degrees this weekend, but another Midwestern winter will arrive soon enough. It’s not the cold weather that usually gets to me as much as it is the feelings of cabin fever, but this year will be a bit different.

I’ve spent some time this month discussing the idea of solitary confinement and I’ve come away with a couple fresh perspectives. The first is that even though a person may feel the pressures of solitary confinement (the self-imposed solitary confinement of Covid 19 in particular) there are authors whose words offer solace and support. These authors can show us that we are not truly alone and their works of fiction and nonfiction can help us through these tough times. The second perspective is that being alone (whether it be physical, emotional, or both) can be the best thing for you at that moment in time if you have purpose.

With the arrival of snowy days and below zero nights will come the doldrums of cabin fever. Previous episodes of cabin fever were always difficult for me, but with several months of self-quarantines and lockdowns behind me what’s another month or two of sitting out a Midwest winter?


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