Some Thoughts on Solitary Confinement

When Life Becomes a Solitary State of Mind

Solitary confinement is a term you’d usually associate with the criminal justice system, but as we roll into the final months of 2020 and rapidly approach the one year mark of Covid solitary confinement is something that most of us now have some sort of experience with.

Whether it is a lock down, a self-quarantine, remote work (or job loss), distance learning, or some other form of isolation most of us have probably felt alone at one point in time or another over the past eight months. We have an abundance of social media communication tools available to us, but the Grams, Twits, Toks, Times, Books and numerous other apps just don’t seem to replace a face to face conversation with beers in hand and music on a jukebox. This “new normal” that has so many of us separated from friends, family, and loved ones has me thinking about seclusion and how it can be compared to solitary confinement.

The topic of conversation will focus on the idea of solitary confinement, not so much in a criminal justice sense, but as a state of mind. I’d like to hear what you have to say on the topic.


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