Some Thoughts on The Western

Dated or Timeless?

Have you ever thought or dreamt of riding off into the sunset? Do you wish the good guys and bad guys could be easily identified by the color of their hats? Would you aprreciate it if people were true to their word and a handshake actually meant something? These are just a few of the common elements of the western. Although some aspects of the western genre may be dated others are timeless.

I grew up watching westerns (and play acting them too). I remember watching old western show reruns on Sunday mornings as a child and buying western movies on VHS as I grew older. I played cowboys with cap guns as a child and saved my money for snake skin boots as I grew older. I took certain elements and ideas of those western shows and movies to heart at an early age. Someof them remain while others didn’t stand the test of time and experience. This month will focus on the western and examining what about the genre is still relevant.

Sunset Drive (DV8800-editj20.64)
“Sunset Drive”

Good guys and bad guys may not be so easy to identify these days, and it would be nice to live in world where a person is true to his/her word.  Of course, wouldn’t we all like to ride off into the sunset for an adventure?


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