The Rain Delay

or Rain Delays, Procrastination, and a Poorly Constructed Metaphor

A steady rain has been falling for the past fifteen minutes. I find myself in a diner typing this while sitting through a rain delay of sorts. The rain has delayed me from finishing a photography project I started earlier, but the rain has also given me a moment to think about why I’ve delayed writing this Journo. I figure I’d write a few words about rain delays and how they are not the same as procrastination.

Once batting orders are turned in, the decision to call a rain delay falls to the umpire-in-chief. The umpires follow a set of rules concerning rain delays, postponing a game for later play, or declaring a rain shortened game. The players have no say in making these decisions. The rain outside keeping me from my from my project is similar to this. I have no control over the weather, but putting off writing this Journo has nothing to do with the rain. I have notes covering a few different topics that could have been used for this post but I haven’t developed any of them. I often avoid working on one project by working on different project. No matter how I try to justify my procrastination it’s still procrastination. Because of my procrastination I’m typing this because the rain is keeping me from the project that was going to keep me from typing this.

What’s the take away from today’s rain delay? First, there will be times when a project you are working on will be delayed due to circumstances beyond your control (think of this as a rain delay). Second, don’t create your own rain delays (unless you are Crash Davis from Bull Durham) to avoid playing a game (finishing a project). Stay focused on the game (project) and don’t allow yourself to get distracted.


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