Speak Up the Devil…

or Maybe Just Rain, Hail, and a Tornado Siren

This month has been dedicated to the topic of rain, and the Midwest has gotten quite a bit of rain these past few weeks.  If I believed in luck (good or bad) I’d think I spoke the rain up. But luck isn’t to blame as much as a run of bad weather.  That run of bad weather has lasted through this Memorial Day weekend. Today we got a little more than rain where I live.

On my way home from running a few errands I got caught in quite a storm.  It started with some fast moving dark clouds.  Those dark clouds quickly released rain, heavy rain.  I’m talking the kind of rain that limited visibility to about 100 feet. Then the hail started falling.  It wasn’t the largest hail I’ve seen, these were marble sized.  The hail storm was brief, about five minutes. The rain stopped about ten minutes after that and the sun came out.  It was that bright sun with that eerie kind of quite that makes Midwesterners a little nervous.  About a minute after the nervousness set in I could hear the local tornado sirens.  I got home, gathered up the cat, spent a half hour in my basement, and now I’m typing this (after no tornadoes touched down near me).  I’ve never been a fan of hail (nobody sings or dances in that stuff) and the tornado siren causes its own sort of anxiety.  That siren is meant to give us a warning to take shelter. Anybody who has seen the aftermath of a tornado knows that the warning isn’t protection and shelter is sometimes just a matter of luck (which is hard to accept if you don’t believe in it).

I know a lot of people have been complaining about the amount of rain we have been getting lately, but a tornado siren sure can put those complaints in perspective.  We’ve been lucky where I live.  There hasn’t been any flooding or serious damage caused by the rain.  Yes, it’s been a soggy few weeks.  Yardwork has been put on hold and picnics have been canceled because of the rain, but the sound of a tornado siren is a reminder that there is something worse than rain out there.


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