Midnight Shift Memories

Some of the Strangeness of working 12:00 to 8:00.

Working midnights is its own kind of strange. I’ve worked mostly days in my near thirty years of various jobs, with quite a few evenings and second shifts thrown in. So my midnights experience is limited to a little over a year out of those thirty (but it was one long and strange year). One of the strangest things I noticed working midnights was how my life began to run sort of parallel to those who work days. Here are a few strange and parallel things I noticed working midnights.

One of the first things I noticed was the commute to and from work (check out the 4.19.19 post if you want to see what my nightly commute was like). The lack of traffic on the way to work and the traffic seemingly going in the opposite direction during the drive home reinforced the idea that my life was in some way the parallel of most of the working world. It felt odd eating any sort of breakfast food before I went to work during midnights (I usually don’t eat eggs and bacon after dark unless alcohol is involved). Drinking my first cup of coffee at 11:15 at night was also something that I never quite got used to. The actual work I performed didn’t feel any different considering I also worked days at the same job, but it did feel as if everything just moved at a slower pace. Maybe it was the nighttime or some sort of internal clock but I always felt like I put in a couple more hours when I worked midnights. The strangest difference was when I got off work. It just always felt odd grabbing a beer after work when after work at 8:15 in the morning, and I never got over the odd feeling of cracking my second beer at 9 o’clock on the morning.

Working midnights was an odd experience. Maybe I already worked days for too many years to fully adjust, but that odd feeling of being out of sorts never went away during my time working midnights. I will say that my admiration for those who do work midnights is much greater now. For those of you who do work the graveyard, what are you stories?


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